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3 Tips for Dressing Your Baby for Springtime Fun

Feb 25, 2021 ● By The Hood Magazine
You may have spent the last few months primarily inside, but now the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising, so it's time to bust outside. Sunshine is good for the soul and fresh air is good for mom and baby!

Because we live in the Midwest, we know temperatures can vary day-to-day, so as Spring begins, use these tips for dressing your little bundle to take in some much-needed outdoor time.

1. Hats are not just for winter. Hats and babies go hand in hand all year long. While the warmer temps may allow you to pack away some of that winter gear, a lightweight, soft fleece or cotton hat is perfect for the Spring months.

Babies lose 75% of their body heat through their heads, so wearing a hat outdoors is essential. What about on those really warm spring days? Well, you may not need a hat for warmth, but don't forget the sun is powerful and you need to protect those soft fuzzy little bald heads from burning. Adding a sun hat to your baby's Spring closet is important too!

2. Layers, layers, layers! Layers are our friends when it comes to dressing our little ones. Big, bulky coats may cause your baby to be too warm, not to mention they are complicated and awkward if you are trying to wear your baby in a wrap or sling. Instead, dress in light layers that you can easily remove if the weather is extra nice!

3. Onesies and sleepers are great base items! Onesies worn under a baby's clothes not only provide an extra layer but also keeps your baby's back or belly showing if their shirt lifts. If your baby is not walking age yet, consider using a footie sleeper as a bottom base. These work great because your baby's feet and ankles are covered and you don't have to worry about them becoming exposed. If it's an extra chilly day, you can even layer some cozy socks or slippers over the sleeper!