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Unicorn Valentine’s Bag

Jan 24, 2021 ● By Museum of Visual Materials

By: Museum of Visual Materials


We created a simple and cute Valentine’s unicorn bag with only a few supplies. It could make a perfect last-minute solution for your child’s upcoming Valentine’s day party! This would be great as an alternative to Valentines boxes. It would also be cute to put a Valentines gift in or favor bags for a unicorn themed birthday party. 


Cut the toilet paper open vertically to form a shape of a cone and tape together. Using a stapler, I was able to secure the cone on top on gift bag. 

Cut two ears out of white paper. Create the same shape but smaller for the inner ear, a patterned paper adds a decorative look. 

Hair was created by several small hearts. 

The look of the nostrils are two small pink hearts. 

Eyelashes were made by starting out with two small rectangles made of black paper. On one side of rectangle make a curve into rectangle. The other side of rectangle cut slits for the lashes and curl them up. 

Create a smile with a black marker. 


Construction Paper 

Toilet Paper 

Pipe cleaner 

White gift bag 



Black marker 


Happy Valentine’s Day!