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Men’s Mental Health

Jan 06, 2021 03:56PM ● By Yellow Brick Road Counseling and Therapy

By: Yellow Brick Road Therapy & Counseling

Recently my beautician and my therapist asked me about my lasik surgery that I had about 4 years ago. Both were asking for their husbands. As my beautician and I talked she expressed her frustration with her husband taking care of his health.

She was feeling the need to be responsible for his heath. I think this is a common issue among men. They appear to be too busy to address their health needs. But what is the reason that men deny their need for taking care of their health.

Especially their mental health! As I looked over my schedule for this week of the 33 appointments only 5 are male and 2 of those males are under the age of 18. This may be because men prefer a male therapist but I do believe this is a good indicator of how many men are addressing mental health needs.

With mental health there is the stigma, but I also think that men may believe seeking help can be a sign of weakness or affront on their masculinity. Regardless of the reason many men suffer from depression, anxiety, grief and loss or relationship issues. It might be scary to make that first step to address mental health but life can be better!

Dads, dudes, guys here is how to begin the process:

● Talk to your partner or other support people in your life. My brother hated doctors and ended up dying from cancer but thankfully his wife and my mom were there to support him through the entire journey.

● Resources are available online to find a therapist. Psychology Today and Good Therapy are a couple of great sights to guide you in finding a therapist.

● Discuss your mental health concerns with your primary care physician. They can assist you and make a referral to a therapist and/or psychiatrist as they see necessary.

● Be aware of thoughts and feelings that cause depression and anxiety and then recognize if these are overwhelming or out of control.

● If you have experienced loss, upsetting or traumatic incidents it is good to address this with a professional to help you understand yourself better.

● Often mental health affects physical health so be aware of all of your health needs. Remember guys you are responsible to take care of yourself. Take that first step to take care of yourself!