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New Year and New Beginnings

Dec 05, 2020 ● By Amanda Engel

By: Amanda Engel, The Duncan Law Firm, LLP 

2021 is finally here!  A new year brings new beginnings.  The new year is an important time for people to assess their lives.  Many people decide it is the right time to start something new or make a change.  When embarking on your new beginning or making major changes in your life, it is important to make sure it starts off right.   

1.  Newly Engaged? 

Christmas and a New Year often result in a lot of new beginnings, including the start of a new life together through a marriage.  If you got engaged over the holidays, 2021 will be a very exciting chapter in your life!  If you are newly engaged, you may wish to consider the idea of entering into a pre-nuptial agreement with your partner.  Many new couples are opposed to and do not like to think about signing a pre-nuptial agreement because it is not romantic and can be controversial.   However, it is something that should be considered by all couples when planning their wedding or civil partnerships. A pre-nuptial agreement can protect both parties in the long run.   

2.  Buying a home or moving in with your partner or significant other? 

A new year can bring changes to your living arrangements, too.  Maybe you decided it was the right time for you and your partner or significant other to move in together or even buy a house together.  It is fun and exciting to move, decorate and create a home together, but if you are not married to your significant other when you purchase the new home together or move in together, there are practical legal issues that should be addressed before you embark on this new adventure.  Married couples and civil partners have more legal rights in this situation.  If you are about to start or have started on this new adventure you should think about talking to an attorney to ensure both you and your partner or significant other are protected.  

3.  Recently separated? 

Sometimes the new year causes people to make hard decisions, like the decision to separate and file for divorce.  If you have recently separated and are planning on filing for a divorce, a family law attorney can walk you step-by-step through the divorce process so that you are fully aware of and understand the divorce process.  Divorce is a complicated.  It does not just involve the ending of the marriage; often there are many other issues that must be resolved.   An attorney can also educate you on alimony, child support, child custody, and division of property and assets.   

If you have or are about to start one of these new beginnings this year, take the time to reach out to an attorney to make sure your new beginning starts off right.