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New YOU starts in the refrigerator

Dec 05, 2020 09:50AM ● By The Hood Magazine

By:  Tom Johnson, Karl’s TV Audio & Appliance 

 We know that your refrigerator plays a very important role in your family’s diet. Logic tells us the larger the family you have the more food you will need. And where does food go? We put items in the refrigerator wherever it seems to fit at the time. Often times having to juggle the ketchup bottle to put the pop bottle in its place, then you realize where does the ketchup go? It is like a big game of Jenga. 

One of Samsung’s newest technologies, "Twin Cooling System" controls the refrigerator and freezer independently with two separate evaporators and precise electronic control. This helps to maintain desired temperature in the Refrigerator and freezer, while not allowing the odors of food to mix between compartments.  

Food placement has a significant impact on how long the food will stay fresh and edible. Here are five tips on keeping your investment in food longer and safer for the new year: 

  1. Store items that have lengthy expiration dates and do not spoil easily in the door bin containers. 

  1. Ready to eat foods purchased at your favorite grocery should be stored on the top shelf and kept away from raw foods. 

  1. In the new Samsung models, you will find Flex-Zone™ technology which allows you to adjust from refrigerator to freezer with 4 temperature settings. The Smart Divider lets you stay organized by sliding it in and out to accommodate different size items. This adds value especially during the holidays when you need that extra refrigerator space. 

  1. Meat and raw foods, like fish or chicken, need to be kept in the temperature-controlled bins for longer and safe storage. In case you have a leak, the fluids are kept within the bin not allowing it to contaminate other foods. 

  1. Keep your produce where it belongs. Samsung's Triple & Metal Cooling is a powerful cooling system includes a stainless-steel interior. Because the twin cooling system is independently controlled, the temperature of the fresh food and freezer compartment maintains a high-energy efficiency with faster cooling and higher humidity levels, so the natural moisture in foods is preserved for longer. 


Start out your new year with a New Samsung and save all year long!