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Fun Holiday Toys That Build Skills

Nov 12, 2020 10:38AM ● By The Hood Magazine

Holiday Toys That Build Skills

By: LifeScape 

It’s been an unusual year, but the toy and game options for this year’s holiday season are as infinite as ever!  We asked our pediatric clinicians at LifeScape for gift ideas that kids will love, but also promote positive growth and development. Here are their picks: 

Occupational Therapists Pick - Brio World Train Tracks

We love any tracks. They give children a chance to practice being persistent with difficult tasks. They also give parents an opportunity to praise their children for staying calm when they have a difficult time making the track the way they want. There are so many ways these can be built to sustain kids’ attention and provide lots of fun. Assembling the tracks also builds visual motor skills and designing their own track builds creativity!  


 Speech-Language Pathologists Pick - Shopping cart and food

Parent and child are able to engage in pretend play together.  Your house can be set up as a grocery store, with one of you being the shopper and the other the worker. Depending on the age, parents can work on category skills with various foods. You can model placing certain food groups together with fruits in one area, vegetables in another area, etc. Parent can work on what does not belong by placing bananas, grapes, apples and bread together and model to child, “Bread does not belong because it’s not a fruit.” Parents can work on their child following single or multiple step directions, as well as quantitative concepts: “Give me one banana” or “Give me all the crackers and put them in my cart, please.” 


Physical Therapists Pick - Mini 3-in-1 Deluxe Plus Scooter 

This scooter is so fun and it is perfect for children as young as a year old! It comes with an adjustable T-bar, detachable push-bar, and foot pegs to keep the child sitting comfortably. The scooter offers three riding stages: (Stage 1: Sit and push; Stage 2: Sit and scoot; Stage 3: Stand and Scoot).  Riding a scooter is an excellent way to work on strength, balance, and coordination. It also teaches steering and stopping skills. With the adjustable settings on this scooter, it can be used for several years and is a great tool to get kids and parents outside together as a family!