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Fall Pinecone Door Hanger

Nov 05, 2020 ● By Museum of Visual Materials

By: Museum of Visual Materials

This fun and creative craft will make a great decoration for your door or on a wall in your home just in time for Thanksgiving! 

First step is to get outdoorsy and gather a few pinecones. You can paint the pinecones with a brush, or it works well to roll pinecones in acrylic paint on a paper plate. Great activity that the kids will love to take part in! 

Then once the pinecones dry, tie each pinecone to twine or a ribbon. I then tied all the twine to the rim of a canning jar. Get creative and add more items to your pinecone, like sticks, beads or acorns! For a finishing touch I added a maroon bow. 

Hope you all have a wonderful and creative Thanksgiving!