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Tips to Care for Your Winter Jackets

Nov 05, 2020 ● By Scheels

By: Kim, Scheels Expert

Investing in a quality winter jacket for your child is a big decision, especially living in this cold climate. Whether your child has a puffer jacket, a down jacket or a three-in-one interchangeable jacket, it's important to properly clean and care for it. To keep winter jackets fresh and clean follow this step-by-step guide to keep your child's jacket ready for winter. 

1. Check the Care Label 

2. Prep for Washing 

Once you've checked the care label, you can start prepping the jacket for washing. If the jacket has fur trim, you'll want to remove this prior to washing. Next, empty the jacket's pockets of any items, zip up all the zippers, and seal any VELCRO or hook-and-loop closures. 

3. Wash the Jacket 

When you're ready to wash the jacket, go ahead and place the jacket in your washing machine. Ideally, use a front-loading machine or a machine without an agitator (the tall spindle in the center of the wash basket). This will ensure a gentle cycle and prevent damage to the coat. Make sure to wash on cold with a gentle soap. 

4. Drying the Jacket 

Once your jacket is finished in the washing machine, load your jacket into the dryer on low heat. Make sure the jacket is fully dry.  If it's still damp after the drying cycle ends, run it again for a few additional minutes. This will prevent your jacket from picking up a damp, musty smell. 

Voila! Your child's winter jacket is clean and ready. You can perform any touch-ups or spot-cleaning with a soft cloth and water. Following this step-by-step guide will keep winter jackets looking just like new!