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Remember These Cold-Weather Safety Tips For Inside, Outside and In the Car

Nov 01, 2020 07:04PM ● By Sanford Health

By: Sanford Health

The wind is howling, the snow is falling, and it’s time to bundle up with mittens, hats and winter coats. But if you have a little one at home, they have their own winter safety guidelines for being outdoors or while riding in a car. Properly dressed for winter To keep children warm, it’s best to dress them in layers. This allows parents to remove or add layers depending on the temperature, so you can avoid the child overheating or getting too cold.

 “People tend to overdress babies. They have a really good circulatory system. So if you are hot, then they are likely hot,” says Jody Jordet, a community life educator at Sanford Health. “Children are comfortable in what a parent would be wearing. For babies and toddlers, one more layer can be added as needed. When headed outside for some outdoor fun, dress your child in layers with a waterproof outside layer. This will keep your child dry and warm.

 Winter car seat safety Car seats are designed to fit snugly around a child’s body to protect him or her in case of an accident. In winter, this can become more challenging, as there needs to be a balance of keeping your child safe with also keeping your child warm. Jordet says,

“Any time a child is in a five-point harness, thinner layers — nothing bulkier than a polar fleece or properly fitted hooded sweater — should be worn. Properly fitted clothing is key.” If a child is wearing a bulky winter coat, the car seat straps will not fit properly, leaving your child vulnerable and at risk of injury in the event of a crash.

This does not mean your child is unable to wear a coat in the car; it just means he or she needs to wear the right one. “I always tell people to have a proper car seat safe layer for traveling and a different coat for playing outside, so a car coat and a play coat,” says Jordet. Light fleece is thin enough to fit properly but thick enough to keep your child warm. If you feel your child still will be cold, put him or her in the seat with the harness fastened. Then, take the child’s heavy winter coat or a blanket to cover your child for car rides.