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Baby’s First Christmas

Nov 01, 2020 ● By The Hood Magazine

By: The Hood Magazine

 It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or so they say. The holiday season can definitely be wonderful, but there is no doubt about it, it can also be chaotic. Here are some things you can do to make celebrating your little one’s first holiday season more memorable and less stressful.

1. Take those photos. In this day and age with cameras on our phones and devices, it’s easy to get snap-happy...but for something as special as your baby’s first Christmas, that’s ok! The holidays are busy and before you know it, they are over and you are just left with a wilting tree and some fading memories. Snap those photos! Start an album right away to save them to, so they don’t get lost. It may be an extra step in the beginning, but you’ll appreciate it one day!

2. Make a keepsake. Whether it’s a handprint ornament or a footprint paper wreath, make something that you can look at year after year when you dig out those Christmas totes.

 3. Buy something special. It could be a sweet outfit, or even a simple baby's first Christmas bib. Those photos are so special!

4. Celebrate! It’s easy to say, “Oh they won’t remember this anyways!” That’s true, but you will! Just because your baby is a baby doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use this time to make some new traditions. After all, a baby's first holiday season only happens once. Do what feels right to you!

5. Start a book collection. Sweet Christmas stories make the perfect gift. Gifting one each year starting on their first Christmas will make them have an envious collection in no time. The most important thing about celebrating with your baby is to be conscious about taking time to be in the moment. These are such special times and even with keepsakes and photos, you’ll never get those “firsts" back...don’t forget to treasure them.