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Trick-or-Treating Alternatives

Oct 19, 2020 ● By The Hood Magazine
Everything about this year has been different, so there is no surprise that the way you celebrate Halloween may be different too. With a global pandemic happening, you may choose to try something new this year. Even without Covid-19 on the back of our minds, there are other circumstances such as schedules and weather that sometimes play a factor into our plans too, so we put together some fun alternative ways for your family may be interested in! 1. Halloween Movie Night. Find a Halloween movie to watch as a family (it doesn’t have to be anything scary, unless your family enjoys that) and do it up right! There are so many fun Halloween inspired foods you can find online, give it a quick search and make a spread! 2. Trunk-or-treating. Gather some neighborhood friends and set up a Trunk-or-treat. Park on your driveway and simply hand out treats from the trunk of your vehicle. This allows for your child to still get the trick-or-treating experience in a much more controlled atmosphere. Your eliminating touch points like doors and doorbells and gatherings of several kids on a door step, but still able to come home with treats and candy! 3. Craft Night! From decorating Halloween cookies to carving pumpkins, use this time to get extra creative with the family! 4. Family party! Most Halloweens are kind of hectic. Between getting home from work, picking up kids, dinner, getting their costumes on, and trying to get out the door again it can be stressful! Take advantage of this year by actually enjoying the holiday and throw a little family party. Themed treats, games, even a piñata would be a blast! Don’t forget the traditional games like bobbing for apples!