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Covid-19 Check-In, Tips from a Sioux Falls Counselor

Oct 03, 2020 10:07AM ● By By: Yellow Brick Road Counseling and Therapy

By: Yellow Brick Road Counseling and Therapy


Covid-19 continues to create uncertainty in our lives. Many of us are being required to 

quarantine and usually this is for at least 2 weeks. If you and your family or neighbors are 

quarantined, this is a good time for a check-in. The coronavirus has affected us all in some way 

so even if you aren’t in quarantine you can do a check-in with yourself and others. 

Check-in with yourself : Ask yourself questions-Am I sleeping ok? How is my appetite? Have I 

noticed a decrease in my energy, motivation and interest in things? Am I able to focus and 

concentrate on school or work? 

Check-in with your partner : Observe their sleeping and eating patterns. Notice their ability to 

complete tasks and enjoy activities. Ask the same questions you ask yourself. 

Check-in with your children : Keep open communication with kids of all ages. Help them 

recognize how they are sleeping and eating. Encourage normal activities as much as possible. 

Engage them in fun activities and support their school work. 

Check-in with neighbors or extended family : A phone call or text might be just what this 

person needs while being isolated from others and possibly even alone. Offer to drop off meals 

or run errands. Just listen! We often just need to talk through what is happening to improve 

thoughts and feelings. 

If you or your loved ones are feeling depressed, anxious or overwhelmed seek out support from 

your healthcare provider and begin treatment for your mental health. Telehealth is a great option 

for those who prefer to or have to stay at home to address therapy needs.