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Accidents Happen - Advice From a Sioux Falls Counselor

Sep 28, 2020 ● By Holly Liston, Yellow Brick Road Therapy and Counseling

By: Holly Liston, Yellow Brick Road Therapy and Counseling  

Life happens! Accidents happen! Whether it is a car accident, farm accident, sports injury or any accident it can be painful. Often physical pain is addressed when it occurs, but the emotional and mental pain goes unnoticed.  Being involved in or witnessing an accident is traumatic. We don’t alway realize the impact of an accident on our mental health until days, months or even years later. When trauma goes unaddressed it can present in various ways including anxiety and depression, anger and mood swings.  I use Traumatic Incident Reduction to help release the pain associated with the accident. Often we don’t realize the pain we carry after a traumatic incident until it is addressed and the results are a better life. If you have been involved in or witnessed an accident, consider seeking treatment with me using Traumatic Incident Reduction.  

You will feel better! Life will be better!