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Time to Gather

Sep 14, 2020 09:22AM ● By Todd Rensch, Karl’s TV & Appliance

Author: Todd Rensch, Karl’s TV & Appliance

Coming from a big family means lots of family gatherings to attend...birthday parties bring laughter, smiles, gifts, food, cake and cold drinks and most parties go off without a hitch. However, some will run into one common problem...not having enough refrigerator space and ice! Modern homes have larger refrigerators than in the past and many have smaller ice makers in them to keep the ice cubes fresher.

While more and more homes are adding a small refrigerator in a lower level, another answer may be a standalone or under counter ice machine that can produce 30 or more pounds of ice in 24 hours. With a new school year rapidly approaching many of us will see small refrigerators popping up everywhere...we tend to think of these as the perfect addition to any dorm room or college apartment. However, adding a small refrigerator to your home to keep your beverages cold has multiple benefits and can free up space in the kitchen refrigerator.

Many home owners are expanding their outdoor living spaces to include refrigeration and ice makers as well. Imagine the convenience of having ice right where you, your family and friends are enjoying your life! Less time spent running to the store for a bag of ice will allow you to be present for all the festivities and not miss out on any memories! Having enough refrigerator space and ice when entertaining family and friends is something we all need. Enjoy having cold beverages inside and out where ever you are at, to enjoy your event and make lots of memories for everyone.