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Covid-19 and Kids

Aug 20, 2020 09:05AM ● By By Holly Liston, Yellow Brick Road Therapy and Counseling
By Holly Liston, Yellow Brick Road Therapy and Counseling

The pandemic of 2020 has taken a toll on many of us. As adults this is confusing and difficult to understand. So imagine how it is for children! Their lives have been disrupted as they have not been able to attend school, see friends or grandparents, or have fun with the various activities they are involved in. Helping your child understand what is happening is important.

Keep open communication with them and answer their questions as best as you can. One of my child clients has created a happy place in her closet. She included a soft blanket and pillow, snacks, photos of loved ones, coloring and drawing supplies and books. Children need to feel safe during this time of uncertainty so listen to their concerns and help them find ways to feel safe.

Be creative and make it a fun and positive time for children. Now as kids return to school be aware of how they are responding to going to school. Include them in decisions regarding their education as much as possible. Help them feel safe. Listen to their concerns and fears. Being a parent during a pandemic will be one of those difficult times for you. So stay informed, Use selfcare and supports. Talk with other parents and the teachers. Although at this point it seems like life will never be the same, it will return to normal!