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Teen Tips from Sioux Falls Local Moms!

Aug 07, 2020 ● By The Hood Magazine

Teen Parenting Hacks  

“Address the child, not the behavior” – Julie 

“Talk in the dark or while doing other tasks. Teens don’t like the attention or focus on them.” – Brandi 

“When you don’t know what to say or you want to say something you shouldn’t, just say ‘I Love You’.” – Alaina 

“Being aware when they need a break and letting them take it. We’ve had to force that break a few times (whatever that break needs to be for each kid).” – Katie 

“ I tell them that this is a just a small blip of life even though it feels like their whole life in that moment, and help them talk about and see the future. Their dreams, aspirations, passions. They usually turn from talking to me like crabby teenagers to engaged and know we are working together for them. Sometimes it will be hard, sometimes they won’t like me, but we are both working on the same journey. I feel like when adolescents see that they can sometimes start to move into a more adult world of thinking.” – Rachel  

“Tell them when they make you proud. They will mess up often, but will remember those moments you give positive praise, and want more of it.” – Marnie 

“Never show you’re uncomfortable hearing what they have to tell you.” – Niki 

“Answer their questions no matter how deep they go. If they ask it, chances are they can handle the answer.” – Amy 

“Don't take things personally. Address the child's mental status/ well being, not the issue (content of the conversation) at hand, and understand that these will be THE hardest years of your life.” - Dawnna