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Light Up Bugs

Aug 06, 2020 ● By The Hood Magazine

By:   Hood 

This craft is insanely adorable and a must try this summer! 

Here is what you need: 

  • Toilet paper or paper towel roll 

  • Colored paper 

  • Black paper 

  • Pipe cleaner 

  • Googly eyes 

  • Glue 

  • Paint or paint markers 

  • Battery operated votive candle 

Here is what you do: 

Cut an arch out of the toilet paper roll going about half way up the roll. Cover the cut roll with black paper. You could just paint the roll black too if that works better for your family. 

Cut a small piece of colored paper and tape or glue it inside the roll when you cut out your arch. This will make the bug’s belly. Cut out wings and tape or glue them on. Cut a circle out of the paper and glue on to the front for the head. Add your eyes and using a paint marker, draw a mouth. Finally, use the pipe cleaners to give your bug some cute little antennas.  

When your bug is all assembled, put your votive candle (must be battery operated, do not use a real flame!) inside the toilet paper roll and watch your bug illuminate! These are super cute to make multiple ones in different colors and line them all up!