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Road Trip Boredom Busters

Aug 06, 2020 12:51PM ● By Vern Eide Motorcars

By: Vern Eide Motorcars

“Are we there yet?” “How much longer?” “I’m BORED!!”  As a parent, these phrases are almost certain to be uttered on a road trip with the family. Between packing the car, locking up the house, and the multitude of other things that need to get done before hitting the road, preparing activities for the kids can fall through the cracks. FEAR NOT! We’ve got you covered.

○     The Alphabet Game - Have the kids work their way through the alphabet letter by letter using letters that are found outside of the vehicle. If you start the game and immediately get passed by a Honda Accord, boom, there’s your A. You can do this game as a contest where the first person to get through all the letters wins, or make it a team game and time yourselves, trying to beat your best time.

○     The License Plate Game - Print out a map of the United States or a list of all 50 states and cross off each state after you see a vehicle with a license plate from that state. Depending on the age of your children you can take this a step further and have them guess that state’s capital city or talk about things they know about that state.

○     Count Cars by Color - Each person picks a car color and counts all the cars that are that color. The first person to count 20 cars wins.

○     Travel Bingo - Purchase or create your own travel bingo cards. If a child has a cow on their bingo card and they see a cow, they mark it off and continue trying to get bingo.

○     I Spy - Take turns “spying” something and having the other riders in the car guessing. We all know it, we’ve all played it, and we know it can help pass the time.

○     20 Questions - Have one person think of something everyone in the vehicle knows and the other riders take turns guessing clues to try and figure out what it is the person was thinking of.

○     Sing - Play some music that you and your kids might know. Whether it be Disney songs or songs from church, add some carpool karaoke to your family road trip. (TIP: Avoid “The Song That Never Ends.”)

○     Baking Sheet Desk - Before hitting the road, bring along a baking sheet to create a “desk” for your child. This will allow them to write, draw, or color while you make the drive. Plus, if you bring some magnets, they could play with those as well.

○     Follow the Route - Grab an old-school foldable printed map from a rest stop and give your child something to represent your vehicle. Help them find where you are on the route and move the “vehicle” as you go.

○     SNACK BOX - When in doubt...snack box. Prepare a snack box for your kid for the trip. If they’re crabby, there’s a good chance they are hungry. Fill the box with some of their favorites and pull it out as needed.