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A Local Sioux Falls Mom Shares Her Pregnancy Experience During COVID

Aug 06, 2020 ● By Miranda Ochocki
By: Miranda Ochocki

When we found out that we were expecting our second child back in October, the last thing I could have imagined was being pregnant in the world we are living in today. I knew life was going to change when COVID-19 hit the United States and started to take over our local news. I vividly remember March 12. It was the last day I walked into a store. I anticipated the schools closing, so I ran to HyVee to grab some groceries before they became overwhelmed.

As a family, we decided to self-isolate. While I already work from home with my business, Beyond Social, my husband moved into a home office and we kept our 3-year-old home from daycare. But the gravity of the situation did not really hit me. At my 28-week doctor’s appointment was when I started to panic. My nurse informed me that New York wasn’t allowing a support person (like my husband) into the hospitals at all – not even for the delivery. I was mad. I was heartbroken at the thought of it. I started to think about home birth options and plan for a variety of outcomes.

 Eventually, I settled down and realized that things could always be worse. I was healthy. Our baby was healthy. Our family was healthy. I decided to focus on the things that I could control and attempt to enjoy the remaining 12 weeks of my pregnancy. There are so many little things I had taken for granted before the coronavirus. First, my activity and exercise ability. I love to lift heavy weights. I channel Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect when I say, “Yeah, no. Don’t put me down for cardio.” After getting past the first trimester woes, I finally got back into a great routine at the gym. My amazing gym family at Complete Fitness helped me modify workouts to accommodate my growing belly. All was well. But then the virus hit and I could not go to the gym anymore. No more weights for me. And honestly, no more motivation. But now that we are finally into spring weather, I can get some walks in.

My gym has also been hosting virtual classes and those help me continue with my training…even with my pink 5-pound dumbbells. Second, pampering! Oh boy, do I miss my massages! And now well into my third trimester, I would really love a great chiropractic adjustment. But alas, most places are not open and there is a level of hesitation to be in such close contact with others. But we women are resilient – aren’t we?! I have found new stretches to do. I am also blessed with a large tub that I have filled with Epsom salt to provide muscle relief and give me a boost of magnesium (which was recommended by my doctor).

Last is simply getting out. I can no longer just run to a store to prepare for baby. My husband took over all our shopping needs so I haven’t seen the inside of a store in nearly two months. Many places have implemented great online shopping options if they didn’t have that available already, but there is something special about browsing aisles for a new baby. At least this is our second baby, so I have most of the major needs covered from our first. This child will certainly suffer from the typical “second child syndrome.” I am nearing the end of my pregnancy now, with the baby due mid-June. As we see cases decrease and the city start to open up a bit again, I have a positive outlook for a semi-normal labor and delivery. While our family will continue to isolate as much as we can until it is safe, we know that one day we will be able to share our new addition with family and friends and this will all make for a great story for the baby book. To all you pregnant or new mamas out there, you are not alone. Your feelings matter – no matter how crazy and hormonal they may be! Take one day at a time and know there is a community here, even within Hood Magazine, if you need support. I hope to see you all soon.