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The Hood Magazine June Inspiring Teen: Thalia Wolfe

Aug 06, 2020 08:57AM ● By The Hood Magazine
Inspiring Teen Name: Thalia Wolfe

Age: 10

School They Attend: Sioux Falls Lutheran School

What makes this person an inspiring teen?  Thalía has a huge heart, more than any kid I know. She has so much empathy for others she would give someone her shoes or coat if she could. Thalía went through a bullying event every week for about 4-5 months during her cheer days in 2016-2017. The coaches knew and so did the director; they helped in every healthy way they could. We found out about this girl who was bullying Thalía was from a foster home and had some problems expressing herself in a healthy way. After 4 months of bullying, Thalía chose her bully to have the award next. She told her she was pretty and nice. For her to have chosen her own bully still stays with me at how amazing she handled the situation and still loved the girl who made her hate what she loved doing; cheer. If you were to use five words to describe this teen, what would they be?  Giving, competitive, compassionate, energetic, goal-achieving.

What is one quote that you think describes this teen?  She loves the quote that “it’s not the crown that makes the queen, it’s the heart of the queen that makes the crown.”