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Summer Fun with Fido

Aug 06, 2020 10:42AM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Ellyn Suga, Shop Dog Boutique

To ensure you and your summer pal have an easy-going and safe season together outside, especially when traveling, it’s important to always pack the proper gear and essentials. We recommend packing a small duffle with all your dog’s road trip and day hike necessities. Pack a collapsible water dish and water bottle, a stainless-steel dish for dry food, dry food in an airtight bag, waste pickup bags, favorite high protein treats, and natural flea and tick repellent. Natural flea and tick repellents are made with a soothing and aromatic blend of essential oils like cedar and lavender and help your dog smell clean on the road, while also deterring fleas and ticks.

 To avoid a smelly vehicle on road trips, we also recommend a small car freshener and an absorbent towel to clean your dog’s paws and coat should he go for a dip. Washable and durable seat covers are also a great option to keep your seats clean and protected from messy mutts and dirty paws.

We always recommend your dog has an updated and accurate identification tag for all trips. Make sure the identification tag has at least one cell phone number with an area code. Road trips and day hikes can be such a blast and you can feel prepared and at ease once you know your dog’s essentials are packed and accessible for you on the road. You can always refill your dog’s water bottle at rest stops along the way.

 It wouldn’t be a summery fun day without fun photos, too. Make stops at roadside destinations, or scenic overlooks. This is a great way to give your dog the opportunity to stretch and pose for some fun photos. You can even geo-tag your location on social media. Wherever your adventures bring you, just remember to always be prepared, and you can never take too many selfies with your dog.