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A Sioux Falls Mom Shares her Childcare Experience with EmBe

Jul 28, 2020 08:08AM ● By EmBe

By: EmBe

Shelby Hartung noticed a difference in EmBe’s childcare from the moment she met the downtown location staff.

“Everybody felt like friends. That was the biggest experience we had on our tour.”

Hartung discovered EmBe shortly after moving from Bismarck, North Dakota. She began her search for childcare with Google, and EmBe’s name appeared at the top of the list. After scanning EmBe’s web page, Hartung called to set up a tour. 

On her tour, she met Desiree Wolfe, EmBe’s Downtown Childcare Site Manager. Wolfe led her through the facility, showing Hartung the spaces for learning and play.

Hartung felt an immediate connection to the staff. The staff’s excitement was contagious, she said.

Hartung’s instinct led her to enroll her two children in EmBe’s childcare programs. After just one year of care, Hartung says it was the right decision. 

“They’ve got a great program going on downtown,” Hartung said. “Everybody is like family and the staff genuinely care about the kids. We have nothing but positive things to say.”

Hartung has noticed a significant difference in her kids’ learning and development. “The biggest thing is the social skills,” she said. “They’re learning different things that they wouldn’t necessarily learn at home.”

Her 5-year-old son has even found a new favorite activity: asking questions. 

“He’s excited about school, and I think that’s a testament to the teachers,” she said. “He comes home, and he’s excited about what he’s learned.”

Hartung herself has enjoyed the social aspect of EmBe’s care. She loves picking her kids up from the location, which is conveniently located across from where she works. “I always sit and I visit, because it’s like talking to friends.”

Hartung’s relationships with the staff have served as a core part of her EmBe experience.

“It’s really been fun to see the staff,” she said. “They’re not just our daycare providers. They’ve honestly become our friends.”