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Family Meal Time: An Abundance of Benefits

Jul 15, 2020 08:28AM ● By Sioux Falls Psychological Services

by: Sioux Falls Psychological Services

Are you yearning to create healthier habits for you and your family?  We all know too well how family schedules can get so tightly packed.  Time around the supper table is often one of the first things to suffer.  If you have fallen into this trap, there is strong evidence that you should bring this tradition back into your home. 

Research demonstrates that when meal time is utilized in a warm connecting way the bodies, souls, and minds of children reap incredible benefits. Shared family meal time is a better predictor of high achievement in school-age children than time in school, time spent doing homework, or involvement in sports or the arts.

Families who create time together around the dinner table also tend to eat healthier.  They consume a higher amount of healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables, and they eat less fried food and drink fewer soft drinks.  This promotes healthy habits throughout children’s lives and decreases obesity in their adult lives.

If you don’t currently make time in your schedule for family meals, consider setting aside a few times a week to start creating healthier habits for you and your kids.