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Open Tabs

Jun 08, 2020 05:17PM ● By By: Holly Merrick-Liston, LPC-MH, Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health
By: Holly Merrick-Liston, LPC-MH, Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health
My friend was recently attending a zoom meeting when other participants noticed all of the open tabs on her computer screen. That made me think of open tabs in our lives. What is an open tab and why do some people close them while others leave them open. Are they open so they are easily accessible?

Are you struggling with open tabs-unfinished business, unaddressed trauma, childhood incidents that affect behavior today…? Maybe it’s time to close some tabs in your life. Seek counseling to address open areas of your life that keep popping up on your screen. You don’t have to keep them open. Close them. Resolve them.