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Something Old, Something New

Jun 08, 2020 05:07PM ● By Holly Merrick-Liston, LPC-MH, Licensed Professional Holly Merrick-Liston, LPC-MH, Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental HealthCounselor of Mental Health
By: Holly Merrick-Liston, LPC-MH, Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health

Surviving the Covid pandemic has become a day to day challenge. As families at home together all day how can we make the best of it? Here’s one suggestion. Try something old-something that you have enjoyed in the past and no longer do or have continued to do and keep in your daily routine.  Bring back writing letters to friends and family, continue eating a healthy breakfast, drink your daily favorite tea, focus on an exercise from the past(plank challenge), eat dinner as a family.  Old habits can be good habits!

Something new-this may include something that you haven’t experienced or have put aside until you had time to do it. Now is the time to try! Try that new recipe, play that new game, tackle that 1000 piece puzzle, listen to that podcast, join an online support group, research your dream vacation! Be creative incorporating new into today!
We can all get stuck in a rut of our daily grind, but here is our chance to renew, revive and reunite!