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Man Cave 2020

Jun 04, 2020 ● By Karl's TV & Appliance
By:  Karl’s TV & Appliance

Man cave 2020… What is its purpose? What is its need? Transforming an extra room or an area in the basement into a “man cave” is a luxury and a critical need at the same time. Why a man cave? Is it simply a playroom for grown men? Probably not. It is more likely a place for a guy to proudly show off all of the things that the rest of the family doesn’t want scattered throughout the house and/or those unique items that friends and family don’t need to see every day.

Items like his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection, coupled together with dozens of pictures from college and the Nintendo game console and variety of controllers along with the vintage PlayStations 1, 2 or 3. Additionally, a man cave also clearly saves on picking up and cleaning throughout the remainder of the house. This is a benefit to everyone!

Most fellas will tell you when they come home they need to find a place where one can decompress and allow the day to be exfoliated! The man cave fills that role. It also serves as a place to watch unending sports programs, golf, boxing, football, racing, curling, pigeon racing and multiple other sporting events. A man cave can also double as an office space for those guys that need to work remotely during our times of social distancing!

It doesn’t take much to create a man cave! You need a good solid sound system like an ONKYO Receiver with Klipsch speakers that can carry 1000 Watts of sound, an LG OLED television (no smaller than 65 inches...hopefully an 86 inch one to be able to see the blades of grass on the putting green of the PGA tournament or the sweat dripping off the brow of the right tackle during the Pro Bowl!). You’ll also want to stay comfortable with a good couch that has at least one recliner built in with a couple of other reclining chairs that are critical for sports watching/sleeping and entertaining other friends.

Don't forget a good refrigerator that also has an icemaker to keep beverages cold during any event. Yes, the man cave clearly serves many purposes. The most important of which is that it allows the balance of the house to be free range for everyone else and kept clutter free. So, this Father’s Day take a look around the house to see what might be that perfect place for Dads man cave and then later this summer we will talk about Moms she-shed.