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Jun 04, 2020 ● By The Hood Magazine
Local dads sharing parenting tips from their heart. Brought to you by: 


Andy McVey
– I have two tips to share. First, and this has become cliche, but we're in this together. Keep the whole family involved - from activities to chores to deciding on and preparing meals. We do it together and help each other. Second, and this came from my wife - BE PRESENT. My wife and I are both essential workers (she works from home) and we split the homework duties with our son. My time at home with them is limited as time goes by fast at night, so making the time we do have count is important. We play games, enjoy meals, and do puzzles together.

Derek Haffner-  I try to do an activity once a week with the kids such as fishing or playing games. I want them to stay active and curb screen time. I feel this will help them build their work ethic for years to come.

Jeremy Brown –  Be the man your sons want to follow and the husband your daughters would want to marry. Let them see you in action around them and with them. Treat your wife like the warrior queen she is and be the example!

Kyle Kapitan-  “Best thing we have done...Art Hub!! An App that is so exciting and engaging. It has been a spectacular way to spend quality time with the kids. It’s entertaining, educational, fun and a great place to laugh and enjoy each other as we do a project together that is individual and collectively a family affair. The family that draws together is drawn together.”

Michael Murdy –  As a father of two girls, something that stuck with me is that as their dad I have the responsibility to teach them how to be treated by how I treat others, and especially how I treat their mom. It’s my responsibility to teach them what healthy relationships look like.

Ozzy Kienast-  If you’re tired...your wife is tired! Help out! If your spouse is working and you put the kids to sleep and it’s tough and your wife makes it look easy, tell her it’s not as easy as she makes it look! This recently happened to me when Hannah went back to work!

Ryan Oaks- Our kids are kids once. Don't take everything in life with so much seriousness that we take the fun out of life for our kiddos. Don't be afraid to tape your nose up with scotch tape or wear your clean underoos on your head like a super hero mask. Have fun.

Travis Remme –  As Dad's, now more than ever, it is important to remember that our kids look up to us. They are watching and will remember how we handled difficult times later in their lives. We will never get this time back with our kids again at the ages they are. Things may not be perfect for our families right now. But what is important is to remember that our kids look up to us. Depending on their ages, they will remember this time...good or bad, the same way we remember times from our childhood. The memories we make now as families and life lessons we teach our kids will be what they will look back on someday to help them through a difficult time. That's what matters.