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Handling Custody Issues during Coronavirus Pandemic

May 29, 2020 08:46AM ● By The Hood Magazine
By: Amanda Engel, Duncan Law Firm With the spread of the coronavirus, families are concerned about the health and well-being of the children. Parents who share custody or parenting time generally have a “normal” parenting schedule they follow on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. But for these parents, social distancing and staying healthy when children are going back and forth between two households can be difficult. Here are some tips to help make it easier: 1. Be Flexible, Together. It is important for both parents to be flexible. The pandemic is causes uncertain in work schedules, school schedules and simply daily life. It is important for parents to try to work together to be flexible when the unknowns affect the “normal” parenting schedule. Be open to compromises and alternative schedules while navigating through these uncertain times. Each parent being flexible is in the children’s best interest. 2. Allow Make Up Parenting Time. If parenting time is missed due to the coronavirus, allow that parenting time to be made up. Parents can work collaboratively to schedule makeup parenting time that promotes their children’s safety and wellbeing. 3. Create Alternative Parenting Time. If parenting time cannot occur, create alternatives. If the children are not able to have “normal” parenting time for a valid reason, technology provides another means of helping children and parents stay connected. Allow the children to use video conferencing, facetime or other like sources to chat and have time with the other parent. If issues with parenting schedules arise, try to work through amicable. For parents who aren’t seeing eye-to-eye, there are still options and ways to try to come up with solutions. However, if a resolution cannot be reached then it may be necessary to contact an attorney to help. An attorney can provide you guidance in navigating parenting time in these uncertain times.