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Spring is in the Air

May 15, 2020 ● By Derek Haffner , Green 4 Ever

By: Derek Haffner , Green 4 Ever

Spring is in the air, and it is time to focus on our LAWNS! May brings us dandelions, thistles and lilacs. We have everything you need to know about this critical time! We love this time of year as our lawns regenerate from their winter slumber, but this is also the time where weeds try to take over. We have provided a few tips to help keep your turf in tip top shape this year! 

Broadleafed weeds like dandelions, thistles and clover will try to reproduce in the spring, but there is no reason to spend weeks pulling weeds. Simply grab a great 3 way post emerge herbicide based with 24D and dicamba. This sort of herbicide will kill the weeds and not your lawn when mixed at the proper rates. Make sure you are using a grass safe herbicide because traditional Roundup has killed many lawns when a homeowner accidentally grabs the wrong spray bottle. You will want to read the label and follow all personal protective instructions, or if you simply want a professional to take care of this for you, we are just 1 phone call away! 

Make sure you put down a pre-emergent to prevent Annual weeds like Crabgrass and Sandburs before the Lilacs are finished blooming! It takes about a week of soil temperatures above 50 degrees to wake up those nasty weed seeds, so this is a perfect time to prevent their 2020 growth cycle! We love products like “Halts” or Dimension to prevent these unsightly intruders. You will see the most growth of annual grasses in July and August, but this is a time where an ounce of prevention is worth several pounds of cure!  We have lots of additional information on the different types of “weed” grasses that can grow in South Dakota in our learning center.