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Local Mom Tips Sponsored by Black Hills Federal Credit Union

May 11, 2020 ● By The Hood Magazine

Now more than ever we need to support each other in every way possible. Difficult times can unite or divide people...but our community will not be divided! We are a community of parents and we will fiercely love each other through thick or thin. We asked a few local moms if they would share their best advice...Mom to Mom. We see you, we hear you and we are here for you! 


Amy Rans 

Take a moment to do something for yourself every day, and don’t feel guilty about it. Self-care is important to helping us be the best moms we can be right now. It doesn’t have to be big - a glass of wine, exercise, 5 minutes in a room by yourself, a short walk, a few deep breaths, etc. 


Amy Hix   

The biggest thing getting me through is trying to set realistic goals. Instead of saying, "I will get the house cleaned today," try saying "Today, let's organize craft supplies.” Take it day by day, task by task, and remember our children's health and well-being is the most important thing! 


Kathy Horstman 

As parents of a tween/teen I feel we are in an odd spot, they are old enough to survive on their own but still need us. They are missing so many of those social milestones and connections right now, so we have made weekly zoom meetings for their groups of friends. This way they can at least continue to talk and be a part of each other’s lives. We have also sent cards or dropped off cards/gifts to friends that we miss seeing. In our house every day is not a good day but every day we find something about the day that was good. Stay strong, healthy and safe. 


Alicia Schumacher 

Get Your Tush Out of Bed! Set an alarm (or two) and get started early. If you are not an early bird by nature, challenge yourself to get up 10 min earlier tomorrow and then the next day get up 10 minute earlier than the day before. I promise you this is a game changer. We all crave more time, but we’re given the same 24 hours in a day. It’s a matter of how we use them. If you’re up binging Netflix until midnight catching up on Tiger King, but struggling to get yourself out of bed in the morning, do a gut check on priorities. One uninterrupted extra hour in the morning can change the course of your day. 


Joane Moumy 

For me, the best advice I can give other moms is to stick to a schedule. I know that this isn’t possible for everyone but that’s what works best for my family. We are a family that has always been on the go, so with outside activities coming to a halt, we have tried to spend as much time outside as we can. We plan dinners together and everyone is involved in the process. We’ve also made a point to write a letter to a friend or family member each week to let them know we miss them and thinking about them! We try to take things one day at a time as we know everyone is in the same situation. We are all in this together! 


April Meyerink 

It’s hard to remember that our job is to be their parent and not their friend, but when that day comes where you no longer have to parent... you realize you have just earned a best friend for life. 


Lisa Carlson  

If your family is on quarantine this would be the ideal time to reconnect with one another. However, if you’re an essential worker make sure to prioritize your time between working out of the home, keeping up with your children’s school work, and always making time for self-care. 

Nikki Sullivan 

My tip for working moms during this craziness is do not feel guilty for having to take your kiddos to daycare. Healthcare doesn’t stop. I struggled feeling guilty when schools were closed but I was still dropping off my kids at their “school”. I have to constantly remind myself that they are doing everything they can to keep the kiddos and themselves safe. I constantly have to remind myself not to feel guilty. 

Jessica Stienstra 

I think right now, we just need to remember to give each other, and ourselves, a little bit of grace. Love your families, be kind to others, stay connected on video calls and know that this too shall pass. 

Mikela Iverson  

We made sure to set a schedule with our girls right when this first started, on March 16th. We get school-work done by noon and then have fun! We exercise together, go for walks, bake, watch movies, do projects, silly videos on YouTube. If I need a break or just need to be alone, I'll do a workout or go for a walk. It perks my mood right up! A zoom happy hour with girlfriends is always good too!  

We have always enjoyed doing things in the community - playing soccer, visiting the Outdoor Campus, the Zoo, parks - we miss going to the park! This has been a bit tough for us but we've been finding fun things to do together at home. Something that I keep telling myself is to enjoy this time and soak up all this extra time with my girls. My oldest is 13, we only have 5 more years with her at home, so I'm trying to really enjoy this time and think of it as a blessing. 

Jaimee Kieff  

Taking advantage of the outdoors in different ways! Being able to go on walks.  It has been a great time to learn new science projects like Mentos in soda is always a fun one! Then the classic things like bubbles and sidewalk chalk my kids cannot get enough of! I try to stay as positive as possible and cherish the time I am able to spend with my children even though I am working. 

Angie Olson 

Children thrive on knowing the expectations for each day! Create a schedule together with your child where they can tell you when and where they will need a break or change of activity within the day. Build time within your day to spend quality time with each child in the home individually. It doesn’t have to be long or elaborate. Reading a book, playing a game, going for a walk, or just talking one-on-one with your child will help them feel safe and secure as well as create some fun memories!  


Kelli Zimmer Gallagher 

It is ok that things are not all in order. Take each day and set goals of the most important things to get done. It is ok to mess up and it is ok if things are not always perfect. Enjoy the time with family. 


Stacey Sorlien 

Try to stay on a regular schedule, even though we all know it’s challenging.  

Embrace the silver lining...look and enjoy the quality time with family.  

Look at every mealtime as an opportunity to try a new meal or bring back an old family favorite...we all feel like we have cooked 365 meals in the last month! Because I work for the pork industry, I have to mention to try new creative pork entrées! It’s very inexpensive, very versatile, healthy and a nutritious protein to enjoy with your families.