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Circle of Control

May 07, 2020 11:16AM ● By By: Bethany Eggers, MA, LPC

Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels

By: Bethany Eggers, MA, LPC

During these times of uncertainty, and what feels like utter chaos going on in the world around us, it often feels as if we lack any sense of control. The news, social media and peer influence have a way of making us feel swayed in different directions and question our own morals, beliefs and confidence. As we are bombarded daily with information about the weather, climate, stocks, illnesses and so on, it may lead to a string of negative thinking and the loss of our sense of self. 

The hardest part of worrying about uncertain situations is the point where you start to spiral. Your mind runs away with the worst case scenario and you feel worse and worse. It is at this point that we must remind ourselves of the control that we do have. How encouraging and calming it is to realize that we have more power than we think over things that feel out of our control. A simple yet empowering activity you can do on your own is to create a large circle and then to draw a smaller circle within the larger circle. Use the smaller circle to identify the things that you yourself have control over such as your thoughts, feelings and actions. Use the space outside of the smaller circle to identify the things that are out of your control. 

As you focus on the things that you do have control of, it can be helpful to determine a course of action within your circle of control. Create a list of positive and healthy strategies and affirmations that are uplifting during these times of uncertainty.   Lean into relationships that support you as well as healthy habits you have established.  Your faith and beliefs can be an amazing assurance and source of comfort.  Make time for these things as you begin to settle into having to do life differently than you ever have before.