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River Reflections: Being in the Moment

May 07, 2020 11:10AM ● By By Rev. Robyn Shores-Foster, MSW, CSW-PIP

By Rev. Robyn Shores-Foster, MSW, CSW-PIP

One of the wonderful things I’ve experienced since having children is getting lessons from them on how to live in the moment.  Children are often intensely in the moment.  A few months ago my daughter had gotten upset about something with me, so much so that she yelled and cried for a while.  About fifteen minutes later I was still recovering from the experience and I asked her why she got so upset and she didn’t remember that she had been upset.  She had moved on to playing happily and was no longer experiencing those feelings of anger and frustration. 

As we’ve had some warmer days recently my children have helped me notice the animals coming out of their winter slumber.  When we were walking outside they heard a bird sing.  We had recently read a book about a father teaching his son to imitate bird calls and seeing if the birds would sing back to them.  So my kids tried singing to the robin, who did sing back.  It was a magical moment that I might have missed because I was focused on getting us into the car to get to school.  Taking time to be in the moment, to notice the natural world around you or to check in with your body to see how you are feeling can be so helpful.  Mindfulness is a self care practice that focuses on being in the present moment through deep breathing, and meditation.  Whether you are feeling stressed juggling work, family and other responsibilities or you’ve experienced a life change and having trouble processing it,  there are many mindfulness techniques you can learn in counseling.   We can all benefit from learning how to live in the moment.