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River Reflections: Parents As…Teachers?

May 07, 2020 10:54AM ● By Tara Knobloch, MSW, CSW-PIP

By: Tara Knobloch, MSW, CSW-PIP 

Last month confirmed the inevitable; school is out….for the 2019-2020 school year! Out of the school building, that is. For the past several weeks, parents and educators across the country have scrambled to assist their children and students make the switch to online learning. In our state it started off slowly at first; one week at a time, then one month, and now here we are.

And where is here exactly? Parents and kids are working and learning remotely. At home.  All-together. To quote Bob Dylan, “Oh, the times, they are a-changin’” in so many ways. We also recognize all educators and school staff during this time. Thank you for what you do.  Most of you are doing additional work to help parents figure this out, while many of you are now teaching your own children at home. 

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Repeat after me: I can do this! It is challenging and frustrating, but it is also surprisingly funny and silly at times. We can learn by baking a cake or building with Legos. We can practice patience with one another and extend grace to ourselves and to our children.   Household indoor and outdoor chores can be a teachable moment.   Getting outside to spend time with a parent that may be in the rush of calving season can both lend a hand and build relationship. 

So parents, how are you holding up?  Don’t forget to take a moment to breathe.  We can lovingly pause to see our children, as they are truly remarkable at adaptability, play and unconditional love.   We can accept that doing our best can look very different from one day to the next and that is okay.  Take another moment to breathe.  A quick google search provides many resources, however our South Dakota Center for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment currently has a COVID-19 Resource guide for children that may be helpful during this time of change.