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Pamper Moms from Afar!

May 04, 2020 01:52PM ● By Dr. Christine Duncan, Zzz Pal

Dr. Christine Duncan, Zzz Pal 

Baby showers are such a fun time! Thinking about that new bundle of joy soon to grace the family brings forth a whole slew of emotions. Usually it’s your family, close friends or co-workers who invite you to these showers, and it’s customary to buy things on the registry that the family needs like diapers, blankets, and of course, baby clothes! Surely these are the cutest and most fun things to buy for showers and everyone loves seeing a baby in adorable sun dresses or little tiny overalls...but what about Mom?  

This amazing woman has gone through the most life-changing experience physically possible for a human to undergo. Her body went through many changes and she has likely endured difficulties such as nausea, heartburn, sleepless nights, swollen feet and fatigue. Baby showers are typically about gifts for baby, but mom needs some pampering and attention as well! Here are some great unique gift options for the new mom-to-be:  

  • Moms need comfy items to make the night-time tasks easier and more enjoyable. While moms might have thought about comfy clothes to wear during the day, she may not have thought about staying comfortable throughout the night. A new luxurious robe may make night-time feedings easier...especially if her baby happens to spit up or pee all over her regular clothes! 

  • Now what about relaxing? While a great recliner is essential in the nursery, you probably won’t be buying one for a baby shower or Mother’s Day. A less expensive alternative may be a support pillow. You will want to look for a product that is able to support but also be comfortable for the mother to use! A neck pillow can solve many problems that new moms experience by supporting her neck and head while she is relaxing in a recliner, nursing or rocking her baby. It is a small item that doesn’t take up a lot of room and really helps mom relax anytime she can!  

Remember, while shopping for your next gift, don’t forget about Mom. She will value it more than you know!