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DIY Tire Planter

May 04, 2020 ● By Discount Tire

Author:  Discount Tire 

There are a variety of ways to recycle a tire, so why not have some fun with it? Make a bold statement in your garden this summer with a DIY tire planter. 

Old tires make the perfect planters because they’re sturdy and deep enough for plants to take root. You can use them as stand-alone planters, stack them into cascading planter gardens, build up a huge vegetable garden, or even hang them on a wall or fence. 

Utilizing tires to create your own garden is not only a smart idea, but it’s also environmentally friendly. Plus, it’s a fun project for the whole family to be involved in. All you’ll need is an old tire, primer, spray paint, potting soil and some flowers. 

Step 1: First, find a good old tire that is well worn. If the tire is dirty, make sure to wipe it out so you’re starting with a clean canvas. 

Step 2: Get the tire ready for painting with a spray primer suitable for rubber. This will help the paint stick to the tire and coat evenly.  

Step 3: Paint the tire your desired color using a regular indoor or outdoor spray paint. Bright colors are recommended because black tires absorb more of the sun’s energy and can become hot if placed in direct sunlight. Painting the tire with light colors reflects light and helps keep it cooler. 

Step 4: "Place your tire in it's new location and fill it with potting soil and your favorite plants! 

All that’s left to do is  sit back and enjoy the beauty of the planter with family and friends!