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Keeping Your Child’s Brain Engaged

Apr 30, 2020 08:32PM ● By Sylvan Learning Center

Author: Sylvan Learning Center 

While summer is a time to slow down for our kids and families, we do not want our kids to stop learning. Part of keeping your child ready and sharp for the next school year is keeping their brain open and engaged during summer break.  

Staying brain engaged means feeding your child’s natural curiosity and fascination with the world around them. This can be done both formally and informally.  

Some ideas for informal brain engagement are making rainbows with a water hose, cooking, trying new foods, bird watching, making crafts, and other activities that encourage a body and mind connection. Studies show that physical activities boost brain function. Before you sit down to do any type of formal brain engagement, make sure that your child has done some type of physical movement. Start every day with a bike ride, walk, or simple exercise routine.  

Formal brain engagement is more structured: reading, writing, and math activities fall into this category. However, because this is still summer, your child should choose a subject to learn about that interests them. A good place to start is a subject that is related to an informal brain activity that they have done. Did they enjoy a new food? AWESOME! Time to learn about where that food came from and the people who live there and what their life looks like. Perhaps they can write a letter to a friend or family member about the type of food they made or tried.  

Math activities should also be fun. Spend 5 minutes a day with your child, and depending on grade level, drill them on addition/subtraction or multiplication/division facts. Reward every correct answer with a jellybean or grape and have a silly penalty for wrong answers like a push up or standing on one leg until they get a question right. Kids love formal brain engagement when it feels like a game!  

There are many resources available for parents who are looking to keep kids brain engaged during the summer. Check out for more ideas and free resources. Happy summer!!