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How to Shop Safely During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Apr 14, 2020 03:48PM ● By The Hood Magazine
Groceries are a staple that all families need. While many stores offer the convenience of curbside pickup and even delivery, sometimes it is inevitable that you will need to go to the store yourself. When you do venture out, here are some tips that are recommended to keep you as safe as possible.

Plan Ahead
Going to the store never used to require much planning, but during this new time we are in those days are currently gone. Many stores have changed there operating hours to accommodate elderly and those that may be immunocompromised. Be sure to check the store's website for correct shopping hours. Most stores also limit the number of patrons, so we recommend planning ahead the best you can to be sure you or another adult are able to run your errands without having to take any children. 

Make a List
If you have been to a grocery store lately, you know they are often very busy. With this major health risk at hand, having a list of just your "needed" items helps keep impulsive buying down, and limits exposure by decreasing the amount of aisles you go to and the time you need to spend in the store.

Protect Yourself
According to the CDC, it is now recommended using a face covering while in a public setting. This is a safety precaution for not only yourself but others around you. Click here for CDC recommendations for what kind of mask you should use. Using gloves while shopping can be a good idea, IF you are using them correctly. If you are removing your gloves incorrectly, you can sometimes give yourself a false sense of security. Remember to always wash your hands (correctly!) or using hand sanitizer after you are finished touching items like the shopping cart, money, and credit card machines.

Bringing Your Food Items Home
If possible, wipe down your food boxes and packages before storing them in your cabinets or pantry. Always wash your produce thoroughly before consuming. When you are finished putting away your groceries, be sure to wash your hands and wipe down all counter surfaces.

Using Common Sense 
Practicing good hand hygiene is always important, but especially now! Make sure you are in the habit of washing your hands, trying not to touch your face (especially your mouth, nose, and eyes), and ALWAYS stay home if you are not feeling well.


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