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40 Ways for Families to Bond While at Home

Apr 01, 2020 09:19AM ● By The Hood Magazine

With all of this together time you may be looking for some ways to keep the kids entertained while at home. Here are some fun things to do to break the boredom and bond the family.  

  • Play a board game 
  • Puzzles 
  • Scavenger Hunt 
  • Write & send letters to family & friends 
  • Make a fort 
  • Tell funny stories 
  • Have a weekday party  
  • Draw with sidewalk chalk 
  • Build with LEGO’s 
  • Cook together 
  • Play dress up 
  • Family yoga time 
  • Have a tea party 
  • Blow bubbles 
  • Play hopscotch 
  • Create an obstacle course 
  • Have a karaoke contest 
  • Have a picnic lunch 
  • Create a summer bucket list 
  • Play card games 
  • Create a theatre out of a box & have a puppet show 
  • Start a family diary of the memories of each day 
  • Go for a hike 
  • Play Simon Says 
  • Start an indoor garden with seeds 
  • Exchange letters with a pen pal 
  • Paint rocks 
  • Create an indoor bowling game 
  • Bake a cake 
  • Make salt dough creations 
  • Learn how to create origami 
  • Build a house of cards 
  • Have a virtual party with friends 
  • Create shaving cream art 
  • Make art from stickers 
  • Fill squirt bottles with water & paint a fence or the house 
  • Learn to sew 
  • Choregraph a dance to you favorite song 
  • Have s’mores in a driveway firepit 
  • Make a sensory bin