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Helping Your Child with Transitions

Mar 31, 2020 10:38PM ● By Kassidi Smith, Boys and Girls Club of the Sioux Empire

By:  Kassidi Smith, Boys & Girls Clubs of the Sioux Empire. 

No matter our age, transitions can prove difficult. Moving into a new home, having a sibling join the family, or heading into school for the first time all mean big changes...which equates to big emotions. Smaller transitions, however, happen daily and include going from home to daycare or playtime to lunch. Even these smaller, daily transitions can result in similar feelings and behavioral reactions, depending on each child’s developmental stage and individuality. The more we know about helping children through transition times, whether big or small, the better we can help them prepare and adjust. 
According to Sanford CHILD Services, transitions make up 20-35% of our day. Creating a great daily routine will help children more easily through these changes because they know what to expect next. Providing them with a layout of the day and giving them a heads up as transitions approach, such as “5 more minutes to finish breakfast and then…,” can help emotionally prepare children for the next event. We all process change differently, so even using pictures or singing songs works well for some children during transition times. 
When you get ready to make a big change as a family, talk with children about the new change.  Encourage the children to ask questions or share feelings. Open lines of communication are vital in helping family members feel supported through changes!