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Meet Hood Magazine's 2020 Educator of the Year Sponsored by Vern Eide Motorcars!

Mar 31, 2020 ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Hood Magazine

Sponsored by Very Eide Motorcars

Photography by Kaleyloved

“As a teacher you sometimes wonder if you are making any difference. But when you receive a hug or a note from a student or a recognition like this it's great affirmation that you are making an impact with someone within your classroom. I truly believe that all teachers should be appreciated and honored in some way. It could be through a phone call, email, a donut treat, or even a hug, that one thing is great encouragement and can brighten their day through that simple act!” - Mrs. Angie Olson  

To see an auditorium filled with people who are grateful to have an educator who selflessly gives of herself every day is an awe-inspiring moment. Smiles and cheers filled the auditorium at Fred Assam Elementary the day that ‘hood Magazine awarded Angie Olson with the 2020 Educator of the Year award. Vern Eide Motorcars generously joined in on the fun this year and awarded Mrs. Olson with a $500 check to supplement her classroom and keep the learning experiences active & alive in her student’s lives.  

One of the most unique characteristics of Mrs. Olson’s nomination is that there wasn’t just one family who wrote in to tell us about how much they enjoy having their child spend their days with Mrs. Olson. SIX different families sent us incredibly heartfelt nominations about the impact that having a kind, enthusiastic and passionate educator like Mrs. Olson has done for their child. Our words would never do justice to the phenomenal nominations that rolled into our inbox. Words like these speak volumes to the lives that educator’s impact tirelessly day in and day out: 

“Mrs. Olson is everything you ever wanted in a teacher.” 

“She wants to get to know her students outside the classroom.” 

“Mrs. Olson goes above and beyond her job for her students.” 

“Her enthusiasm for learning is definitely apparent through her teaching and shows who she is as a person.” 

“We LOVE Mrs. Olson. She makes 2nd grade fun!” 

“Mrs. Olson exemplifies the exact person I want my child to see as a role model in her life.” 

It’s not only the parents who love Mrs. Olson with all their heart. After the award ceremony, we took some time to go back to the classroom and watch the students interact with Mrs. Olson. Not only were the students smiling & attentive, they were genuinely enjoying their day in the classroom. When we asked the students if they’d like to say a few words about how much Mrs. Olson means to them, EVERY hand in the classroom went up! It was heartwarming to hear the enthusiasm that these adorable 2nd graders wanted to tell us how much Mrs. Olson means to them. Out of their mouths came words like: 

“She’s the best teacher and she’s always so happy!” – Alivia 

“She’s really, really, really awesome!” – Faith 

“She always has games and surprises for us.” – Wayne 

“She lets us have a boys party and a girls party.” – Zac 

“She is one of the best teachers. She’s very sweet.” – Harper 

“She’s a fun teacher. She makes songs to help us learn.” – Aura 

And my personal favorite… “She’s very, very, very, very…a dozen more times…very sweet!” – Evelyn 

Nearly every interaction with both parents and students mentioned the time that Mrs. Olson is willing to invest in her students outside of the classroom. From going to sporting events that are important to her students to throwing parties on a Saturday for her class to bond outside of the classroom, these little investments in time are clearly what mean the most to those who are closest to her. It’s incredibly clear that Mrs. Olson values investing in those around her and it’s that heart of service to others that stands out us that she is a perfect fit for this award.  

The lesson that I think we all can take away from Mrs. Olson is that investing in people, young or old, will give you back a fruitful reward. “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank 

Hear a special message from Ms. Olson below!