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Be My Valentine

Feb 02, 2020 07:57PM ● By The Hood Magazine
Pass out some sweet butterfly treats this Valentine’s Day that are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. These are great for classroom treats (be sure to use a peanut free treat!), but also perfect for friends, neighbors, or anyone else you might come across on February 14th.

 Glue (Regular or hot glue)
 Red and/or pink glitter
 Red pipe cleaners
 Googly eyes
 Small bag of candy or treat of your choice.

 Instructions: Prep your clothespins by adding glue and glitter to the outside. Let dry (this works best to let dry overnight if you can). When your clothespins are dry, attach the googly eyes and pipe cleaners with hot glue. If you do not have hot glue, use regular glue but allow extra time for drying. Clip your clothespin onto your snack and you are all ready to spread the love!