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Running Hot and Cold...The Battle Over Thermostat Control

Dec 02, 2019 ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Foley’s Heating & AC, Inc.

One of the more common domestic dynamics of any household is the unending tug of war over what is the agreed upon thermostat setting. It’s not one based on gender or age, but rather personal comfort preferences regarding individual running temps. You run hot, your significant other runs cold...and typically, a margin of a few degrees can be more controversial than a rare steak versus a well-done steak.

The battle of the thermostat is more common than one might think…there’s a reason new cars come with dual climate control zones! For a moment, remove the human element and consider the wear and tear on your heating and cooling system. The roller coaster method of climate management is not recommended as it places a strain on the system, thereby incurring avoidable service costs and risking premature wear down. 

So, what is the best strategy for maintaining a household temperature that is bearable for both? We don’t take into consideration the kids or pets. This is purely an adult privilege in line with voting, drinking and swearing...the last one noticeably more prevalent when battling over the thermostat.

First off, don’t take your mate’s conflicting temperature preference as a personal attack. Think more realistically. If you’re the one during the cold season that prefers the house be a Swedish sauna you have more options on how to achieve your preferred state of baked Alaska. If your house has a fireplace, be sure to keep a clean chimney and a supply of firewood. Also, there are items specifically invented for warming cold souls. They’re called sweaters, hoodies, wool socks, blankets and space heaters. If none of this is coaxing you to accommodate your overheating mate think about this...running the house hot COSTS MORE!                                                            

Secondly, for a person who runs hot and is forced to live in a thermo-nuclear environment (“Oh my god, 73 degrees is killing me!”) the options to cool off are few...constant visits to the garage, sticking your head in the freezer during commercial breaks and abandoning one’s clothing. If, as a hot head, you opt to go au naturale, please put on a coat when visiting the detached garage…there are freezing and overheated children around.

A footnote predicated on the looming holidays...your guests will not appreciate the yo-yo approach of temperature management. Air temperature rises as the number of warm bodies increases. Throw in the ambient fireplace, ugly sweaters and an oven on overdrive and your cozy abode set at a pleasant 74 degrees suddenly becomes a sweat lodge. No one wants to see Uncle Benny’s flop sweat. Proactively drop the thermostat prior to your guests arriving. Again, easier to warm up than cool off and remember, better that cooler heads prevail.