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Ding Dong...

Dec 02, 2019 ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Karls TV and Appliance

Smart everything is surrounding our everyday world.  From the Samsung Smart Refrigerator, to connected laundry, to Alexa and Siri, our lives at home and on the go are changing at warp speed.

Not everyone on your block may be the champion of all the new smart technologies, but everyday thousands of people are finding a value in some outdoor smart technology devices like the Ring doorbell.

The simple fact of the doorbell harkens back to the early days of Americana and was one way to inform a homeowner that they had a guest.  Today, the doorbell has morphed into a communication device that can not only provide you a tone in your home that someone is at your door, but it can send digital messages to your array of digital devices from your computer to your iPad or mobile phone. It provides the homeowner a camera and two way communication to see who is at your door.

All of this technology is done wirelessly! The wireless connectivity delivers peace of mind, convenience and a host of other benefits as these devices continue to monitor and check your home, office and your digital world.

All this technology allows you to view your porch or front yard, check what items you have in the refrigerator, set the temperature on the oven and even change the temperature in your home, cabin or office.  All of this at affordable prices, backed with customer service, digital back up via cloud services.  It’s not just the doorbell anymore; it’s all through the house. 

“DING DONG – Avon calling” was a successful marketing campaign from the 1960’s that has evolved to today allowing it to be Avon, FED Ex, your neighbor or family! Technology continues to change so quickly it is bringing us all closer to the reality of  “Meet George Jetson!”.