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DIY Candy Corns

Sep 30, 2019 ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Museum of Visual Materials

Make your own cute candy corns for this upcoming Fall season!

You can chop your own wood triangles or order them from amazon or find something similar at a craft store.

Paint your candies with acrylic paint and add some twine for a rustic autumn touch!

Children can join in on the fun and create a face for a special candy corn person!

You could also add a cute saying, such as “Happy Fall Ya’ll” or “Trick or Treat”.
A tip to getting great handwriting on your projects is to print off your computer the text your prefer. Then, flip over the printed paper and scribble pencil markings on the back of the words. Flip it over, and trace using a little extra pressure with a pen over each letter on your printed paper. It should leave a pencil marking stencil of each letter for you to go over with sharpie.

Also, using another wood triangle, you can simply add a rectangle block to the bottom of the triangle. Then, paint it black and you have a Witch’s hat! Style up the hat with ribbon, flower, straw or whatever your stylish hat needs! I attached everything with a hot glue gun.

Look for these crafts in on monthly Craft Night classes!