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What To Do With Old Halloween Costumes

By: Shaina Herrmann

Autumn has arrived! For many, the highlight of this month comes at the tail end, when kids excitedly march along leaf-covered sidewalks, going from house to house saying, “Trick or treat?” As soon as this deliciously sweet holiday is over, you are faced with a decision: to keep or not to keep the old costumes.  Should you decide to keep your costumes, here are some options to help you reuse and repurpose them!


●     Have a costume theme for your kid’s next birthday party!

●     You can transform old costumes into decorations! Stuff an old costume with old clothes, hay, or cotton to create your own unique Halloween decorations to display in your front yard next year. Also try pinning old costume masks up onto your trees.

●     Reuse by adding character to a simple old costume: Reuse a turtle costume to be a ninja turtle.  Any pretty dress can be repurposed to be any princess of your choice. 

●     Hand them down to the next kid!  You can change it up a little with each kid that wears it. A ballerina costume or a princess dress could become a fairy or angel when you add wings. 

●     Have any old raggedy costumes that are falling apart? Gather your crafty kids, break out the scissors and create fun Halloween crafts by cutting up some old costumes.  You might turn them into place mats or use them for quilting. The fun fabrics can be used for any number of projects!

●     Set up a Costume Swap party a week or two before Halloween with friends, neighbors and family.

●     Don’t forget they can be saved for everyday play by simply adding them to the dress up box.

●     If you know how to sew, use the old costume fabric to create unique doll clothes.

●     Donate old costumes to a children’s museum, school, or day care program.

●     The easiest way to reuse a costume, and the most cost effective, is to be the person who wears the same costume every year!

●     Extra tip: A simple black t-shirt and pants can go a long way for costumes.  This can be the base for a cat, a painter, a mime, Batman, or spider, and of course a black shirt and pants can be reworn just about anytime of the year.