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September Inspiring Kid: Josie woodson

Aug 29, 2019 11:02AM ● By The Hood Magazine

By Chloe VanGerpen


Josie Woodson’s healthy heart stems from a heart for service.

 “I have heart disease and Type 2 diabetes in my family,” Josie said. “I learned that one in four people will die of a heart attack or stroke. I know we can do better if we learn to take charge of our health and develop healthy habits early on.”

Josie stays healthy with her active lifestyle. She is twelve years old and attends Harrisburg South Middle School. Josie is a member of the Harrisburg High School competitive cheer team, plans to try out for track, and plays clarinet in band.

Josie is the reigning Miss Pre-Teen South Dakota International 2019 and winner of the international pageant system’s Staff Spirit award for embodying the pageant system’s spirit and values. She is a Tiger Rock Martial Arts Leadership and Demo Team member, co-host of the 605 Ninja Princess Warrior Camp, and an organizer for the East River Foster Parent Network clothing closet. Josie volunteers for multiple events, such as the annual St. Baldrick’s event, where over $40,000 was raised for childhood cancer research. She also took the plunge for the Special Olympics at the first-ever Harrisburg Polar Plunge, helping to raise more than $5,200.

Josie has logged over 300 volunteer hours with Tiger Rock Martial Arts, including volunteering at Familyfest in July. Josie loves volunteering because she gets to meet new people and help them, she said.

“One of my favorite events is Familyfest because not only do we get to perform for families, but we get to help kids run through the obstacle course at the Tiger Rock booth,” Josie said. She enjoys encouraging others to stay active and teaching them self-defense.

Josie earned her first-degree Level 4 black belt at Tiger Rock Martial Arts in June.

Josie’s healthy living extends beyond Tiger Rock Martial Arts. Josie partnered with 605 Ninja Academy to co-host a Princess Warrior Camp, where she helped girls on obstacle courses and taught them about her Miss Pre-Teen South Dakota International platform, Kids in Action.

“My goal with [Kids in Action] is to help encourage kids to learn healthy habits through food and exercise so we can grow into healthy adults and reduce the risk of health concerns as adults such as heart attacks, strokes, and Type 2 diabetes,” Josie said. “I hope that I can one day partner with the American Heart Association.” 

Josie motivates kids to stay active through Facebook posts. She shares a “Fitness Friday” video every week to promote healthy movement.

“I want to be a nurse when I grow up so I can help people be healthy,” Josie said.

Josie’s dedication to others reminds us that no matter how busy we are, we can always find time to give back to our community. Thank you for inspiring us, Josie!