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The Importance of Sports Physicals

Aug 29, 2019 10:51AM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Christine Duncan, D.C., Lanpher Chiropractic

 It’s almost that time of year: a new school year. With each new school year comes the excitement and anticipation of a new sports season. Whether your child is a soccer, tennis, or football all-star, one thing stands the same: before they can get out on the field or court, they must complete their annual sports physical. Sports physicals are generally required or strongly recommended for any sport your child is involved in. Wondering where to get your child’s sports physical? Your local chiropractor is the perfect one-stop shop!

Chiropractors, especially those specialized in orthopedics, can give a thorough sports physical for your child before the sports season begins. Sports physicals, which differ from an annual health physical, focus on whether your child is able to safely participate in a physical activity/sport. Each sports physical is specific to your child’s sport and their ability to perform specific tasks based on each category, whether it is a contact or non-contact sport. It focuses on assessing your child’s neurological and orthopedic function. This includes different things like range of motion; ability to bend, flex, and move without pain or restrictions; and tracking their vitals while performing certain activities.

Sport physicals done by a specialized Orthopedic Chiropractor (credentials D.A.B.C.O. behind their name) can also help your child if they show any orthopedic issues. Your chiropractor can move forward with different stretches and exercises to help improve motion or address any physical restrictions your child may have. They can also recommend specific braces, arch supports, and the correct shoes to wear for your child’s sport.

A sport physical, while often required, is a great way to ensure the physical health and fitness safety of your child during their season of sports. Sports physicals followed by regular chiropractic care during your child’s sports season can help prevent injury and improve their sports performance!