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What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: A Gymanstics Coach

Jul 01, 2019 11:11AM ● By The Hood Magazine

Gretchen B., age 8, did a forward roll into her dream job as a gymnastics coach when she visited All American Gymnastics. Gretchen learned from Gene, coach and owner at All American Gymnastics, who went into gymnastics coaching because he believes it is a sport that athletes work harder at than any other.

 Gene told Gretchen that a good coach pushes students to set goals and work hard. Gene said to always encourage students to be the best they can be, instead of worrying about skill level.

 In addition to teaching Gretchen the basics of coaching, Gene taught her how to do a back walkover. He also taught her about form, bodyline, spotting, and positions to be in.

At All American Gymnastics Academy, Gretchen learned skills for her own success, as well as coaching skills to teach students how to become better gymnasts.

Why do you want to be a Gymnastics Coach? 

I like doing gymnastics and teaching my little sister gymnastics. I think it would be fun to teach more people.

How long have you been doing gymnastics? 

I’ve been doing dance and gymnastics since I was three. I love gymnastics and I don’t ever want to stop!

What is your favorite part of gymnastics and why? 

It’s a challenge! I like trying new things and getting better at them.

 What do you think will make you a good coach?

I’ll have plenty of experience, and I’ll know how it feels to do what my students will be doing. I’ve been there!

What was your favorite thing about meeting Gene and learning about being a Gymnastics Coach?

Gene was so nice! He told me about being a gymnastics coach and how to spot my students so everyone can have fun and be safe. I’m even more excited about being a gymnastics coach now!