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10 Simple Ways to Save on School Supplies

Jun 27, 2019 11:50AM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Shaina Herrmann

  1. Avoid Overbuying-  Take stock of what you already have! Scavenge around the house searching for all the supplies that went unopened or lightly used from last year.  You may be surprised by how much you can find!
  2. Compare Ads - Sales will usually begin right at the beginning of July in all the big box  and office supply stores, and continue into September. Collect and compare ads for these stores before setting out to shop!
  3. Express Creativity - Show your kids how to make their own book covers, binder, and folder designs. 
  4. Keep an All-Year Supply - Buy enough for the whole year.  Be sure to purchase enough supplies to restock your kids with new supplies mid-year, when all the school supply prices have doubled if not tripled by that time.
  5. Rewards Programs - Sign up for the free rewards programs offered by office supply stores to receive special discounts, rebates, and coupons on school supplies.
  6. Coupons - Seek out school supply coupons on manufacturer websites, printable coupon sites, and Facebook pages. 
  7. Dollar Stores - This is a great place to find items like index cards, flash cards, small white boards, and you can often find great deals on folders, paper, and writing supplies.
  8. Label Everything - To prevent items from becoming lost or mixed up with other kids at school, make sure everything is labeled in some way.
  9. Price Matching - Stores that offer price matching will adjust the price to a competitor’s price.  You can use this service to your advantage during school supply sales.
  10. Host a Back-to-School Swap -  Get together with several friends that have kids of all ages.  Swap books, educational toys, clothing, and any school supplies you may have extra of.