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Summer Activities can lead to Summer Injuries

Jun 27, 2019 11:16AM ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Dr. Christine Duncan

            During the busy summer months, we try to squeeze in as much fun as possible. Especially outside fun, such as hiking, biking, and camping outside to soak up the sun! This can be a lot more activity than we are used to after hibernating during the South Dakota winter. While it is great to get out and be active, remembering to pace ourselves, stretch, and stay hydrated is very important too.

            Here are some “red flags” of when you have overdone it and need to take a water break, stretch more, or call your chiropractor and make an appointment.

Signs of dehydration:

•           Getting light headed, a headache, or dizzy when out in the hot sun

•           Skin staying flushed and bright red even while drinking water

•           Not urinating for more than 2-3 hours

When you need to stretch more:

•           If you are planning on exercising significantly more than you normally do

•           If you have recently worked out and have sore muscles

•           If you get muscle cramps easily (also… eat a banana before you begin!)

Time to call your Chiropractor:

•           If you have overdone it and the pain is more than a normal ache

•           If you are experiencing shooting pains down your legs or arms

•           If you have fallen and have pain even after your bruise has gone away

•           If you notice your normal range of motion or flexibility is reduced

•           If you are experiencing headaches and don’t normally suffer from them

•           If you are having muscle aches longer than 5 days after your activity

When exercising, a good way to determine how much time you should spend stretching, is to calculate 10% of your total activity time, and warm up and cool down for that amount of time. So for example, if you are planning on hiking for 1 hour (60 min) you should stretch and warm up for 6 minutes and cool down and stretch for an additional 6 minutes. This will really help you stay loose and help to prevent injuries. But if an injury does occur, don’t wait too long before seeking help from your local, friendly Chiropractor.